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Your loft may be the biggest space in your home and is ideal for storing the Christmas decorations, your summer/winter wardrobe and your hobby equipment. This can be done very easily with the minimum of disruption. We can board out your loft to make it safe for you to walk around and store your belongings, we can fit you lighting so you can see what you have stored. You could even take it a step further by having your roof plaster boarded and have a roof window fitted.

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Loft boarding

From £195 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

Use your loft as a safe and useable storage area with our large moisture resistant loft boards which fully interlock with each other on all four sides.

For each 10m2 of loft boarding we charge £195 screwed down to your existing joists.

If you have a high level of insulation or if your joists are very uneven we may need to raise the loft boarding at a cost of £80 per 10m2

Loft Insulation

From £80 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

Ioft insulation is one of the best ways to save on your heating bills by reducing the amount of heat lost though your roof. If your insulation needs replacing or just topping up we can bring your property up to government guidelines.

For each 10m2 of 100mm insulation we charge £80.

For each 10m2 of 170mm insulation we charge £90

New or Extended loft openings

New opening £250 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)                                                     Extended loft opening £185 (supplied & fitted)

Some times your loft hatch can be too small or in the wrong place, as part of our service we can make the loft opening larger or relocate it to a new location.

This may involve cutting out joists and replacing with surporting timbers to comply with building regulations.

Roof Windows

From £600 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

Having natural light in a loft space can help make your dark loft look brighter and bigger. With the addtion of a roof window you will have the added benefit of ventilation to your loft.

Loft Lights & Sockets

Light £90 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

Socket £120 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

Loft Lighting can add some much needed light ito a dark loft making it easier to finf the box your looking for.

You can also add a socket if you wish to have an electrical appliaince in your loft. 

Clean storage area

Fron £5,500 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

If You are looking to make your loft into a usable clean space with separate storage areas, natural light, sockets, spotlights and the area plastered then this may be the option for you.

The Clean storage area will require site survey.

Loft Zone Flooring

£50 per m2 inc VAT (Supplied & Fitted)

LoftZone StoreFloor is the only solution that does not require a compromise. The product forms a safe structure for a storage and access deck above up to 350mm of insulation, which does not cause cold bridging. LoftZone StoreFloor has passed all required industry tests and is the only raised loft floor system that is BBA certified.

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